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Bindys Favorite Things

by SeneGence


 (lasts anywhere from 4-18 hours) is gluten-free, vegan, kosher, non-GMO. It is a liquid lip color that does not contain lead and has no animal by-products. LipSense is 100% Guaranteed. SeneGence uses the highest quality ingredients and is 

made in the USA.

 Contact me to try LipSense 


if you have questions about any of the SeneGence productline.

It is so nice to be able to kiss my Grand-babies and not get lipstick all over their cute little faces!

 Please get in touch!  

life, love, family and work

I am more then blessed to be called Grandma.

 We are so proud of our grown boys and now have 3 healthy grandchildren and two beautiful daughter-in-laws.

 I count my blessings everyday!


Norwex. The Power to clean 

without harmful chemicals. 

 “As a Wife, mother and a Grandmother,  I want to protect my Family from the harmful effects of chemicals in our homes and provide a brighter picture for their future … 

one where chemicals will be tested for safety before they are put into use, and a world where consumers vote with their purchases to have cleaner, healthier choices.” 

 I was blessed the day I found Norwex to help me clean my house!  It is so easy now with just my Microfiber cloth and water and I don't worry about the chemicals!



Be the first to hear about special discounts, and the most current cosmetics trends! Oh and Bindy loves to share how easy it is to clean your home with just a MicroFiber Cloth & water. You can actually live in a chemical free home!

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